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Monday, September 20, 2010 @ 2:30 AM

its been 3 days since my last day at work.
ive decided to move on to office job - office hours , 5days work kinda thing.

but for now ,
after almost 2 years in beauty industry,
mrLim wants me to take a short break.

so i did =)
not working means i have tonnes of spare time on my hands.
i packed the room , changed the sheets, threw tonnes of clothes away..
and it was rather fulfilling experience.

celebrated johnny's birthday at mount faber safra's kbox =)

just one pic of my birthday =)

recent activities =)
- started on fancl white advance drink
- coloured my hair a dark dark dark shade of brown
- sniped off a good 6 inches

im gonna do an entry on whats in my makeup pouch these couple of days =)
stay tuned !

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lisa-twin : la mer really good ? let me know ! i think i wanna try ! haha, are you using?

jessica : thanks for reading all these while dear =) really very touched ! haha.

Sandy : hey babe , im still always reading your blog too =) your rom ceremony is sooo pretty ! the video is so sweet la !

blogreader : =) nah im not working at the moment. anyways , what kind of whitening creams you are looking for ? whitening serums ? moisturisers ? or body creams ?

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