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Sunday, August 22, 2010 @ 11:57 AM

i still come to this conclusion that blogspot is more suitable.
only after i chatted with meiwei , then i realised that i am always the one stalking people that i love , in fb/twitter or their blogs.
whereas i myself simply dont bother to update any of my above. lols

how time flies.
its like nearing the end of august,
which like also means the year is coming to an end in less than 4months.
realised that time pass very fast after starting work.
my routine as ive mentioned in my tumblr - eat sleep pitera , still have yet to change. laughs.

oh and.
so many birthdays this month !

Happy Birthday Amanda;
Happy Birthday Rouhui;
Happy Birthday Shijie;
Happy Birthday YingYing;
and in less than a week ,
it will be Happy Birthday to myself, again.

hus says he gonna give me iphone 4g and a new wallet =)

will be back soon.
loves !
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